BS2C The Bullshooter-Endless Loop Digital Voice Recorder Kit


Ramsey Electronics Model No. BS2C Announcing an event is now easier than ever! Just say it once and hear it over and over. Easy transmitter hookup for broadcasting.  Operates on 5 to 20 Volts DC, 250mA at maximum volume.  Records both line levels and microphone levels, front panel switch- able.  Internal microphone included, has external microphone jack for higher fidelity.  Adjustable line level output.  8 separate message locations totaling up to 8 minutes, or combine into one 8-minute message.  Up to a 8kHz sample rate for good audio reproduction to 3.4kHz.  Digital speaker volume control and 8 ohm speaker output.  Single-Play and continuous repeat mode with programmable delays : 0sec, 0.5sec, 5sec, 30sec, 1min, 10min, 30min, 60min.  Lock mode which prevents user tampering once set up. (multiple key combination to lock/unlock)  Non-volatile message storage capable of retaining recording for over 100 years without power. Ramsey Customer Use Only Not For Publication

BS2  1

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