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LIFTING PACK : JACK 3T + JACK STANDS 3T + JACK 500 KG + CRANE 1T Contains: 3T trolley jack Pair of 3T jack stands 500 kg pit cylinder 1T folding mobile crane LIFTING

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LIFTING PACK : JACK 3T + JACK STANDS 3T Contains: 3T trolley jack Pair of 3T jack stands

Productivity: lifting and blocking in 30 seconds Safety: fully secured by valve and protection pin. Comfort: ultra-compact and lightweight.



FOLDING WORKSHOP CRANE MAX. 1000 KG Min. height 25 mm Max. height 2080 mm Weight: 80 kg. Designed to facilitate lifting and moving engines and other transmissions. Also useful in the industrial sector for machining, reconstruction and maintenance jobs. Quick piston rise and precise lowering controlled by the user thanks to an ergonomic handle. Dead man’s handle principle: halts the movement when the user loses control of the operation. The cranes are equipped with a safety valve calibrated to the nominal force of 50% above the recommended weight. Device automatically adjustes the descent speed according to the load. Hydraulic unit swivelling through 135° enables a better user positioning for lifting and lowering operations. The extensible arm is equipped with a handle in order to facilitate its positioning on the elevator arm. Includes 3 or 4 notches to indicate the lifting force on each point. Silent, non-corrodible polyamide wheels. Allows the passage of a Euro-type pallet



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