Courtesy of Susan Sieg

Volume 12 Number 07

MIRRORMIRRORONTHEWALL From a bathroom mirror to a cluster of mirrors on a statement wall – mirrors are both a functional and decorative item. And they can be used in so many ways within the home. To enlarge a space, to create a visual anchor, to give yourself a place to perform self-care.

However, beware that less usually is more when it comes to decorating with mirrors and that thought should be given to the size, style and amount, as well as outdated styles or styles that clash with the rest of your decor. If you’re going for an eclectic look, then

perhaps a mismatched mirror will fit perfectly. Just make sure it’s an intentional and not an accidental clash. And remember that a mirror in the wrong colour

or style of frame can easily be updated. So don’t replace – simply refresh!

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