Crisp Food Container

H e a t R e t e n t i o n & T o l e r a n c e Anchor’s Crisp Food Containers retain

M e r c h a n d i s i n g & O r d e r A c c u r a c y

“ C r i s p n e s s ” M a i n t a i n e d Exclusive patented Convection Cross-Flow © ventilation design incorporates unique venting to relieve moisture and condensation. An anti-fogging lid provides excellent product visibility, even under the hottest temperatures. Raised airflow channels function to keep grease and moisture away, ensuring that your fried foods remain crispy. Independent studies at leading retailers demonstrated this unit outperformed the leading fried chicken container. Better texture, better tasting fried foods.

Clear lid provides excellent product visibility, while the black base showcases the food and conceals juices and purge. Holds up to 4 large pieces of chicken, as well as a variety of other fried food items. The new 6” x 9” size adds more convenience for individual take-out. R e - u s a b l e , R e c y c l a b l e Microwave and Dishwasher-Safe. Made of recyclable polypropylene. Can be reused numerous times by your consumer and is preferred for recycling nationwide.

S t a c k a b l e Advanced engineering provides structural integrity to allow positive stacking in the display case and in the customer’s bag. internal product temperature better than any other disposable crisp food container, which assists in meeting local health department regulations. Withstands temperatures up to 240°F when placed in warming unit displays and under heat lamps.

Product Number


Description Capacity


Case Wt. (lb/kg)

Case Cube Case TI/HI

Fl. Oz./ml

(ft 3 /m 3 )


CB690-F 4666901 Microwavable

35 oz.

9.5” x 6.7” x 3.8”

12.93 lbs.

2.62 ft 3 .08 m 3

100 8/4

1-compartment hinged, vented clamshell

1035 ml

24.1cm x 17cm x 9.7cm 5.9 kg


ISO 9001:2000 Certified U Kosher Approved Anchor products are BPA-free.

101211 CFC:WP Q:3M

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