SAEP Annual Report 2021



The SAEP Impact Centre (IC) exists to measure and evaluate our work, and aims to increase our impact wherever possible. In 2020 we were unable to continue with the usual monitoring and data collection due to changes in activities as a result of the lockdown, but we supported the programmes as they were adapted to the pandemic and tracked their impact. We started collecting new data to reflect the changes in our work and will continue to adjust as needed.

challenging, given that we could not meet face to face, but good progress was made and we are looking forward to completing the plan with Donavan’s input in early 2021.


Despite not being able to host any researchers in Cape Town, we were grateful for the opportunities where we could collaborate and complete projects. We had planned to host a number of local and international students throughout the year from the Clinton School of Public Service (University of Arkansas) and from the University of Cape Town, but unfortunately these visits had to be postponed. We were, however, able to adapt one project to a literature review on the benefits of experiential learning for high school learners. To guide us through the change of leadership and in developing our new strategic plan, we also worked with the Henley Business School in the UK, via a remote project, to assess the reputation of the organisation amongst our stakeholders.

Strategic Planning

Instead of involving an external consultant to facilitate a strategic plan for the next three years (2021 – 2023), we decided to use our in-house skills. Kayin Scholtz (former IC manager and current board member) and Tracey Appollis (M&E Coordinator) led the process via a series of online workshops with staff and board members. This was particularly

Number of beneficiaries 1463 (66% female, 34% male) plus approx. 6000 ECD children

Learning packs distributed to children


Activities aimed at empowering women and girls 81

Tertiary students graduating


Our achievements in 2020

Laptops given to tertiary students to study at home

Mentoring and coaching sessions


20 15

Virtual lessons & activities for home schooling

Laptops and printers given to ECD principals


ECD centres

Thuso Covid Relief Fund distributed

PPE kits to ECD centres 72

Grocery vouchers 796

Food parcels 942

Masks 1500+

Meals 5924

SAEP Annual Report 2020 14

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