PRU September Newsletter

Information from the FIT Conclave • Powell Brown spoke to teammates in the Team Resources breakout session and raised some important issues. Powell recently participated in the Race Across America, a cycling event, to raise funds and awareness for Mental Health & Suicide Prevention. Brown & Brown has lost 3 teammates to suicide in the past several months. PLEASE take time out of your busy life to review your mental health and the condition of those around you. Powell’s article can be found on The Spot: Brown-Helps-Raise-1M-for-Mental-Health-Suicide-Prevention-During-Race-Across- America.aspx • The Brown & Brown EAP is an under-utilized benefit. Information on Mental Health & Suicide Prevention can be found at this website. Brown & Brown teammates, as well as dependents in their household, are eligible for various services by the EAP provider. Visit The Spot homepage and click on the EAP link under “I Need To…” (right-hand side of the page), “Receive help from EAP (Web ID is BBEAP)”. • Take care of SELF. Take time off work. Accounting Leaders are required to take at least 1 full week of vacation each year. Everyone else should do the same. Get away. Get unplugged – especially from business issues. Work hard to manage your stress. Work hard to have Work/Life Balance. If you take care of YOU, you will be able to be more productive at work and at home. • James Jiloty spoke at FIT on the Teammate Education Assistance as well as the National Merit Brown & Brown Scholarship. We have a few teammates who signed up for help with student loan payments. Kudos to those teammates for getting their applications in. Earlier this year there were very few applicants for the 2019 National Merit Brown & Brown Scholarships that were awarded. The enrollment for this is going on now. If you have a student who is a high school junior this year, you should seek information NOW on this program on The Spot. here/benefits/ed_program/Pages/default.aspx • Look for an email coming out soon. There will be new regulations and requirements soon for all teammates who drive in conjunction with their job duties. New guidelines will include mandatory MVR’s, valid driver’s license, and a good driving record. • DISTRACTED DRIVING is a big concern. This includes talking on the phone, whether it is hands-free or not, taking care of any process on a cell phone or other device, conducting personal hygiene, applying makeup, changing clothes, reading books/newspapers, wrestling with food or a pet, reaching across the front seat or into the back seat. Please raise awareness on this topic. • The Team Resources - Benefits Team oversees the administration and management of the Brown & Brown benefits programs. We have a dynamic team of benefit professionals who, along with trained Call Center Advocates in the Brown & Brown Team Resource Center, provide teammates with quality, compassionate, accurate, and timely service to benefit questions and concerns. If you have a benefit question, please reach out to the Brown & Brown Team Resource Center at 1-866-505-0991.

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