PRU September Newsletter

Andrew Helton Awarded Mentor of the Year

Andrew Helton, the Information Systems Coordinator for PRU IN, was awarded the Mentor of the Year award for the IT/BETS division of Brown & Brown. Andrew received the award at the annual FIT Conclave in Orlando the week of 8/19/2019 during one of the IT breakout sessions. All award winners for this year’s conference were also announced at the FIT Awards Dinner on Wednesday evening. Andrew reports to Viviane Ruiz, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at USIS and the CIO of the Brown & Brown Services division. Andrew not only leads the IT team for PRU IN and PRU Dallas, he also assists 3 teammates from Apex. He is also the backup IT person for PRU IL, as well as coordinates the phone system for PRU IN and PRU IL. Andrew is a member of the New York City Cyber team, Services division, that is directed by Viviane. He has had different projects to complete for this team in the past several months. Andrew expects to be included in various other BETS projects in the near future. Please join me in congratulating Andrew on receiving this coveted award!

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