RubinBrown Apartment Stats 2013


RubinBrown is pleased to present the 2013 Apartment Statistical Analysis, an annual survey compiled by the Real Estate Services Group.

Each year, data is collected from our clients, as well as other contacts and referrals within the industry, to comprise averages in a variety of markets within the United States.

The accompanying statistical information includes operational data for 2012 and represents 420 apartment projects in approximately 30 states. While these averages are representative of a smaller pool of projects, the trends are usually consistent with those experienced at the national level.

If you have questions about the content of this publication, please contact us (see page 16 for contact information).

RubinBrown Real Estate Services Group

Contents 1 Executive Summary 3 Comparison of Operations 4 Government Assisted 8 Government Assisted by Region 10 Government Assisted by Project Size 12 Market Rate 14 Low Income Tax Credit Projects 16 RubinBrown Real Estate Services Group


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