Jinxed chapter sampler

Chapter Two

A fter saying goodbye to Dot and Scratch, Cora climbed the ladder down from the wall. When she reached the bottom, she stood for a moment in the narrow alleyway. Looking down it, she could see the smoke from the metal factory, the grey sky and the shadows of people moving about at the other end. Cora took a deep breath to settle the fear that wriggled uncomfortably in her stomach. She always walked the city with Dot. In the rougher and darker parts, sometimes she would even hold Dot’s hand. Nervously, Cora grabbed the bracelet that hung from her wrist. ‘You can do this,’ she whispered to herself. Then, squaring her shoulders, she stepped forward and kept stepping forward until she reached the end of the alleyway. Without pausing or looking around, Cora stepped confidently out onto the grim streets of Urt … and then promptly ran into someone.


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