Jinxed chapter sampler

hoping to pick up some sought-after items or sell some not-so-sought-after items before moving on to the bigger, wealthier cities. They stood near their colourful, shiny wares, calling out to the crowd and Cora as she passed by. ‘The prettiest jewels!’ ‘The finest rugs!’ ‘The softest clothes!’ ‘The warmest hugs!’ Cora stopped. She gave a small wave to the man who traded hugs. His name was Wilfred. ‘Cora!’ he said, spotting her. ‘Where’s Dot today?’ Suddenly, someone roughly pushed past her, someone else grumbled about the importance of manners in a crowd and then another someone stepped on the back of her heel. Deftly, Cora sidestepped through the crowd towards the hunched-over man. She took out one of the hickory buns Dot had put aside for her and handed it to Wilfred. The man’s eyes lit up and he gave her a big hug in return. ‘Be careful of the Trappers. They’re out and about today.’ Cora swallowed. Trappers . Trappers was the name given to the thieves in Urt. They took what they wanted from whoever they wanted. And they didn’t just take things . They took people , too. Trappers were dangerous


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