Jinxed chapter sampler

Cora had small memories of being in another place once, before Dot had found her, but they were f leeting and unclear. A memory of pointed, red leather shoes in tall grass. Gazing into a bright sun, cool air on her skin. A yellow sundress and a soft laugh. For Cora, Urt was what she had become used to. Just like her missing eye. She ran a hand over the red, bumpy scar that sat in its place. It was dark, unhelpful a lot of the time and to others it might’ve seemed ugly … but it just needed a little getting used to. Dot had taught her that. Cora looked over the top of the crowd and read the street signs to her left. Horn . Fink . Lox . Turning down Lox, she soon left the shadows of the tall buildings and eventually came upon a row of empty houses. It was the first of the outer boroughs. She was where she wanted to be. Hesitantly, Cora walked down the cracked garden path of the first dark house.


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