Jinxed chapter sampler

Chapter Three

T he house was small but mostly still together. Cora could see that scavengers had taken some of the tiles from the roof and some of the glass from the windows. She walked up to the oak door and pushed it open. Stepping inside, the house smelt of dust and dampness. Rays of light shone down from above where the roof was missing its tiles. Cora checked the drawers in the cabinets nearby first. They were empty. She moved to the kitchen and checked the cupboards. There was a small blue button sitting alone in one of them. She put it in her pocket. Cora was quick just as Dot had taught her to be. But there wasn’t much left to find in the house and no sign of Toe Tippins Shoe Polish, so she headed towards the front door. She stepped over a fallen, cracked roof tile and noticed something beneath it glisten in the light. Cora pushed aside the tile with her boot. Lying beneath it was a broken picture frame, and inside it a


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