Jinxed chapter sampler

picture of a man with an elaborately curled moustache. Edwaldo Urt . Cora was about to put the newspapers back in the box when she spotted something sitting at the bottom. It was a tiny, circular tin. Cora’s eyes widened. Her heart leapt. Picking it up, she turned it over and saw the words she had hoped were stamped across the front in fine, gold, cursive script. ‘Toe Tippins Shoe Polish,’ she breathed. Cora ran her hand over the letters. She had done it! She had actually done it! Cora couldn’t wait to race back home and show Dot. Standing up, she pushed the box back under the table and held on tightly to the shoe-polish tin in her hands. Maybe they could take it to the Mill Town trader together. ‘Well, isn’t this a surprise,’ came a voice from behind her.


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