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The Missouri Engineer, Page 1 June/July & August/September 2014

June/July and August/September 2014

The Missouri Engineer Volume LXXVI, Issues 3 & 4

The official publication of the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers whose mission is to promote the ethical and competent practice of engineering

Solar Powered

MSPE Educational Foundation’s building solar installation is producing energy and saving money. Above are pictures taken June 4, 2014 when a team of contractors spent the day installing the panels and support structure on the building roof top. Ballast blocks hold the rail support brackets which connect to the panels - no holes were drilled into the roof -- which is a commonly used installation for buildings with flat roofs, like ours. All structural and electrical designs were approved and sealed by Missouri registered PE’s including a modification, added no additional cost to MSPE, to include micro-inverters that improve system efficiency and compensate for shading on the rooftop. Because installation was completed before July 1, the Educational Foundation achieved a $2.00/Watt incentive from Ameren (rebate of $36,720). Ameren set the bi-directional meter to place the solar panels in service on July 1 and when the monthly electric bill was received early in August it reflected the anticipated savings of 50%.

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