Ricky Recorder Issue No 45

students’ instruments. This project is funded by the School Foundation and the PTA, and I would like to thank them in advance of its completion, for all the work and financial assistance they have contributed to the School in order that our students can have the best possible facilities.

There is a plaque at the front of the school, by Student Reception, commemorating this event. You may have heard in the news that the Countess passed away last month, 61 years on, almost to the day, when she opened Rickmansworth. I thought it only fitting we should remind the community of this. Our Performing Arts Faculty are a centre of excellence within the School and we have had our production of Billy Elliott, evenings of Song and Dance, Music concerts as well as our examination performances. The students and staff were touched by the stories of the victims in Grenfell Tower and the students decided they wanted to help in some way. Therefore, they decided to perform Bridge Over Troubled Water with the staff and asked for donations at our Evening of Song and Dance. Around £450 was donated and when I raised this in my Head’s message this was an email response: This is very moving that you have raised this money for Grenfell. My son, his nan, grandad and uncle lived in that estate, as did I. Thankfully all of our family and close friends are safe but many have not been as fortunate. It is extremely traumatic for everyone who lives and has tight connections to the Latimer Road area. From the bottom of my heart I just want to say thank you very much that you have done this. Dear Rickmansworth School,

Year 7 enjoying Active Learning Week at Rock UK

As you are aware plans are well underway for the expansion and I am pleased to announce that plans have received approval for both phases of the expansion – watch this space as the development unfolds. As we look forward to the future, there are also reminders to look at the School’s past. Rickmansworth School, was the fifth grammar school to be built after the war, and was formally opened on 20 June 1956 by Countess Mountbatten of Burma, the first students having arrived in September 1954.

I would like to add my personal thanks to the students and staff for their compassion.

… And finally, it is always sad when we say goodbye to staff. I would like to thank all those who have contributed so much to the School and I wish them every success in the future. I would like to thank the parents for their continued support and I hope you and your children have a lovely summer holiday.

Mr K Douglas, Headteacher

The Ricky Recorder Issue 45 – July 2017


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