New leaders trained at Ghana Discipleship Center together in Ghana d to pick one story to tell you this year, it’s the story of your impact in It is incredible how God has brought together all the different of Heaven Sent Ministries’ work in this one place.

ry, a team of eight people - most of them from West Virginia to Ghana on a mission trip. That team did repairs on our hip Training Center building. They taught classes at the training hey traveled by boat to the Volta region to learn firsthand the plight s who fish for a living but have little else. also reached out to children in the neighborhood of our training particular, they learned the needs of a group of orphans who live n the street. ose team members returned to their home church and told the story n thousands of miles away who needed help. And the good people eet Church of God in West Virginia got busy. Those folks raised s of dollars. They bought shoes and toys and clothing. They prayed en they had never met. eks later, we loaded hundreds of pairs of shoes and playground balls and sunglasses and other goodies – and we shipped them to Ghana, right along with 213,000 meals that you packaged this spring.

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students Trained





training sessions in 2016

1 student traveled from Nigeria - more than miles - to come to the Training Center! 900

Each student who attends the eight- week training program pays a portion of the cost of attendance. Your gifts toward the Ghana Discipleships Training Center help fund the portion they cannot afford. Thank you for sponsoring the education of Christian leaders who return to their communities all over West Africa with knowledge and renewed commitment.

Now those meals are being shared – with orphans down the street from our training center and with families in the far off Volta region. And children are playing with those toys, wearing those shoes. Every time food or shoes or toys are shared, the love of God is shared as well.

And that’s how you are changing the world – one meal, one pair of shoes, one child at a time. you for the difference you are making.

t greater than these.” –jesus, matthew 12:30-31


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