2018 Start-Up Event Programme

Careers Service

February 2018 Welcome to the Start-Up Event , a new careers event which aims to bring together students from all over the University to meet organisations both from Cambridge and beyond. Working for a start-up has a number of advantages. You often have a chance to contribute beyond the scope of your job, since there is a need for everyone to work together to get things done. If you’re interested in entrepreneurship, it’s a chance to observe the founders up close and see what issues they are grappling with as they grow the business. The start-up environment is fast paced, informal and unstructured, which suits some people and not others. Use this event to find out more and see if the start-up world is for you. Study this programme and choose the firms you would like to meet. Look also at the Career Biographies, giving insight into what the practitioners do on a day to day basis and their route into their industry. Discuss things not usually covered on websites, in recruitment brochures, or that you feel may not be appropriate topics at interview. If you have access difficulties or are challenged by a noisy, busy environment, if you identify yourself at the Careers Service table a staff member will assist you to make the best of the event. As well as the Start-Up Event we hope you consider also visiting Cam Connect – local enterprise and technology, in the same venue on the same date and times - Thursday 22 February, 3 to 6pm, in the University Centre, Granta Place, Mill Lane. At both events please be prepared to produce your university ID card to assist with attendance stats. Do look at our website, www.careers.cam.ac.uk , for lots of other ideas.

Gordon Chesterman, Director Cambridge University Careers Service Stuart House, 6 Mill Lane Cambridge CB2 1XE

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