Harvey Stories

Propark Proud of Martin Aguirre Thanks to Martin Aguirre's in-depth knowledge and experience, Winpark's Bank of America Center Garage opened much earlier than anticipated, after the ravage of Hurricane Harvey. As told by his manager, Will Thompson, "Martin was instrumental in the clean-up process, removing water, cleaning debris and repainting damaged walls." Martin did not merely instruct; he participated on all levels.

Martin gives our Winpark team and clients a tremendous advantage by leveraging expertise, sharing intimate knowledge of the facilities and providing great effort. Martin is a true team player who has performed above and beyond expectations during Hurricane Harvey. As a result, BOACG reopened for business on September 5, 2017.

In preparation for what was to come, Winpark’s Martin Aguirre ensured that all of our storage, office locations and equipment were elevated and protected from potential flooding. The tropical storm strengthened to become Hurricane Harvey and with it came major flooding in Houston. The Bank of America Center Garage (BOACG) sustained flooding on levels P3 and P4 and Alley Theater Center Garage (ATCG) connecting tunnels were both flooded with 12 feet of water. On August 29, 2017, Martin departed his home to report to work to assess the damage at BOACG and ATCG. What is usually a twenty- minute commute turned into a laborious two- hour trek through back roads. Upon arriving to work Martin inspected all areas, equipment and the garages. A full report was communicated, allowing our leadership team the opportunity to create a strategic recovery plan.

Written by Will Thompson

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