2017 EEA Prospectus


All National Recognition Award-Winning projects will receive on-stage Individual Acknowledgement during the Gala program.

Don’t delay in securing your sponsorship or purchasing your EEA tickets! Pre-event recognition of Sponsors and National Recognition Award Winner Attendees will begin February 2017!

National Recognition Award Winners that register to attend the Gala will also receive:

• Pre-event recognition with Project photo and description on the ACEC website • Project Team Photo Recognition during the EEA Program

$295 per ticket

2017 ENGINEERING EXCELLENCE AWARDS GALA SPONSORSHIP REGISTRATION FORM Complete and return the form below or for more information contact: Leo Hoch, Sponsorship • E: lhoch@acec.org • P: 202-682-4341

100 Years of Excellence

Company Name:______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Point of Contact Name: ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address:_ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone: _________________________________________ Email: ____________________________ ________________________  Diamond ($15,000)  Emerald ($6,500)  Individual Gala Tickets ($295 each) Number of Tickets: _ _____________ TOTAL PAYMENT ENCLOSED: $ _______________________ PAYMENT INFORMATION – Registrationmust be accompanied with payment. Confirmation will be emailed to point of contact. Make checks payable to ACEC.  Check  American Express  Visa  MasterCard Credit Card Number_ ______________________________________________________________ Exp. Date_ ______________________ Name of Cardholder____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Authorized Signature_ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER SECURE FAX to 202-682-4353 MAIL to: ACEC Meetings & Conventions Attention: Grace Hui C/O: Grace Hui

1015 15th Street, NW, 8th Floor Washington, DC 20005-2605

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