Bonis ST-55



Part KG.

13-B 14 15 15-FC 17 106-B

Feed Eccentric 13 14-B-FC Feed Connection FIITED Feed Lever Only Feed LeverF1tted Complete Feed Gear (Small) D1scShaft St•lch Regulating Stud S\1\ch Regulabng Stud Nut St1tch Regulating Block Stitch Indicator Feed leverWasher Feed DISC Shaft Spnng SetScrews Feed Lever Screw Feed Dog Or•v•ng Screw S\1\ch Stud Nut Feed Eccentnc P1n Feed Gear Only R•ghtS•de Feed Gear Complete Feed Gear Shaft Feed Gear Shaft Washer Feed Gear R,ng -left and R1ght S•de of Gear. Feed Gear Cam Feed Gear Roller Feed Gear Roller Pm Feed Gear Roller Spnng Feed Gear Plate Feed Gear Plate Screws Feed Gear Cam Set Screws Feed Reta1n1ng Drum Plate Shoulder Screw Feed Reta1n1ng Drum Feed Rela1n1ng Drum Cam Feed Reta1n1ng Drum Plate Left S1de Feed Reta1n1ng Drum Complete

109 1'.0 n 112 123 132 202 209

211 228 234 415 416-FC

417 418 419 420 421.

423 "' 425 4213 427 433 628 629 630 630-FC

Right S1de Feed Gear uses same numbers on screws roller spnngs. p1ns and cams

*"FC" after Part Number Denotes "COMPLETE"

Special Gauges for Special Work are Available From the library of: Superior Sewing Machine & Supply LLC

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