Ronald Wendel


Elegant Numbers Synopsis

M athematics is the language of science. Formulas are nothing more than a mathematical explanation of scientific phenomena that follow similar patterns. However, many times there are unexpected symmetries and reoccurring patterns within these various relationships. Even differing formulas seem to have similar structures. The book, Elegant Numbers, begins by looking at various patterns within number series and sequences. It then continues with fractal number series, the Farey series, and patterns within Pascal’s Triangle. There is a chapter on Fibonacci and Lucas Numbers, and another discussing patterns within the Golden Ratio. And there are still many other patterns and relationships presented in this book including methods of multiplying numbers together, methods of finding Pythagorean Triples, and Automorphic numbers. A couple of chapters look at patterns within the Mandelbrot and Julia Set fractals, and there is also a chapter on Lindenmayer-System (L-System) fractals.

Lindenmayer System

M and P2


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