2018 Wall Calendar Mail Service Form


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Mail Service ONLY Includes envelope, postage, processing & delivery to Canada Post.

Quantity Ordered

Per Piece Price Total

Small Wall Calendar eg. Teldon, up to 110g

$ 1.74 $ 2.05

Large Wall Calendar eg. Comda, Unicom 110g - 150g

Seasonal Envelope




Option: Season’s Greetings Insert

$ 0.30 *Sub-Total *applicable Taxes to be applied

Ship Wall Calendars direct to: DMS Marketing Inc. 101-10620 178 St. Edmonton, AB T5S 2E3 NOTE: Envelope included, please do NOT order your own.

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2. Where are your Calendars coming from?

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Teldon Comda Other:

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5. Mailing List: Mailing List to follow Use mailing list on file

Nov. 24 Dec. 1 Dec. 8

* We do our best to accommodate your mailing preference. If chosen date can not be accommodated you will be notified of next available mailing date.

Please supply mailing list in Excel or CSV format and email new lists to: marlene@dmsmarketing.ca. Mailing list & data updates due Nov. 17, 2017.

6. Holiday Greeting Insert

7. Method Of Payment: I authorize DMS Marketing to use this credit card for payment of this order. Payment will be processed upon receipt.


Bill to credit card on file Bill to credit card below

Letter - I will supply (no additional charge)

Card Number

Mastercard Visa

Letter - DMS to print my supplied text, templates available on request ($0.30 per piece) Other - (sample must be supplied for approval by Canada Post)

Cardholder Name Expiry Date Signature Date

ORDER DEADLINE: November 17, 2017 FIRST MAIL DATE: November 24, 2017 fax order to 780.486.1421 or email to marlene@dmsmarketing.ca

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