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Understanding PLUS Labels in 4 Easy Steps: 1 Clearly identifiable product type on the top of the label

Foaming Oven & Grill Cleaner

AtlantaKashruth Commission KosherApproved

2 3 4 5 1

Wear safety glasses & gloves Usar gafas de seguridad y guantes

Scrape away any loose soils Raspar cualquier suciedad suelta

Spray onto surface

Wait 15 minutes and wipe clean Esperar 15 minutos y limpiar con un trapo

Rinse with clean water Enjuagar con agua limpia

REORDER # K00095

For Industrial and Institutional Use Only See SDS For Complete Safety Information

2 Follow the steps in

sequential order from top to bottom.

3 Use the icons next to each step as a guide for using the product.

4 Simplified icon descriptors are written in multiple languages.

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