TE19 Iberian Adventure

My Plague Diary

She asked for a chin like the one on Botticelli’s Venus.

And a forehead identical to the Mona Lisa’s.

Plastic surgeries surrounded by paintings.

Her face, aportablemuseumof classic painting andmore besides. But all faces are portable biographical museums.

Without Venus or the Mona Lisa but with parents, events and a scar.

You need only look at a face in silence for a few minutes and you have a story.

Forty years of the game Pac-Man.

Somebody is hungry in a labyrinth. And only by eating enough is it possible to get out of the labyrinth.

No way out if you’re hungry.

A metaphor, Pac-Man.

Dense mythology coming from simple electronics.

Yes mask, no mask.

Insome spotsof theUnited States, insome stores: entry forbidden to those wearing masks.


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