TE19 Iberian Adventure

Albert Bonjoch

Vallenata Duel There were the men! That was the valley! Early in the morning, cassava, yam and banana, squash, goat and corn firing up the party. Early in the morning, accordions, cajas and guacharacas, the square, the revelry and the moon, wanting somehow to reach the sky. Early in the morning, - I am looking for an accordionist who plays better than I, but I know I might die first without seeing the one I fancy. - I am born of the neighbouring valley, I’m well-versed in the law. You must know imposter that I am the king of the duel. silence ended, music boomed, two roosters improvised:

- Only before God I bow. Let’s be clear what I say. I have the town as witness that you grunt like a sow.


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