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The Cushman & Wakefield Blog: Staying on Trend is our Business The new Cushman & Wakefield Blog is your go-to location for original content on the latest news on trending topics, business best practices and thought leadership, written by our own subject matter experts. Each article contains actionable insights that can be implemented industry wide and are positioned for seamless sharing. We encourage you to visit the blog regularly, to pass along to clients and to submit article suggestions and ideas on topics that interest you. If you have any questions or need any help getting started, please contact the GOS marketing team.

GOS Marketing Our job in GOS marketing is to support GOS professionals as you deliver the best of what our company has to offer. Our goal is to keep you informed and connected to industry trends and company news and we will do so through The Occupier Briefs, The Occupier News, The Occupier Edge and other internal campaigns. Your feedback is important to us. Write us an email and share your thoughts: globaloccupierservices@cushwake.com

Gina Chinino Global Communications Manager Global Occupier Services

As always, we welcome ideas for future editions of The Occupier News. Please share recommendations with Gina Chinino: gina.chinino@cushwake.com


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