GCSE Sociology

Curriculum Leader: Miss E Grassie

Examination Board: AQA

Assessment Requirements:

100% exam:

Paper 1 – The sociology of families and education – 50% of total GCSE.

Paper 2 – The sociology of crime and deviance and social stratification – 50% of total GCSE.

Course Outline

The GCSE Sociology course will allow students to study the society in which we live and how it informs choices that we make. The following topics are covered at length throughout the course:

 The sociological approach  Social structures, social processes and social issues  Families  Education

 Crime and deviance  Social stratification  Sociological research methods.

This course will allow students to develop their critical thinking skills, analyse and better understand the social world, apply their understanding to explore and debate the current sociological issues outlined in each of the topic areas and develop opinions and new ideas on social issues.


Students need to be motivated to study independently, self-motivated to engage with a variety of challenging sociological issues and have good organisational and research skills.

Career Opportunities

GCSE Sociology provides the foundation for AS and A level courses in Sociology, as well as related subjects, such as Criminology, Psychology, Philosophy, Religious Studies, as well as leading in to Higher Education. In relation to employment, GCSE Sociology can offer opportunities within the Civil Service and Local Government services, the Police, Voluntary Agencies, Social Work and Teaching.

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