wiredinUSA September 2011



WHEN in need isn’t it wonderful when big business can come to the rescue of the man in the street? Please, put your hands together for CommScope. At a time when people were suffering because of the tornados which killed many and left large swathes of the country in turmoil, the company ensured fiber optic and co-axial cable, as well as humanitarian aid, reached Joplin, Missouri, to allow Cable One to install communication networks in the devastated area. Because of the deliveries, communications were being restored just 48 hours after the tornado had swept through the city leaving more than 100 people dead and hundreds more injured. Any available space on the trucks was filled with humanitarian aid for delivery to people in those areas worse affected. Not surprisingly the company have been rewarded for their efforts with a special public service award from CableFAX magazine. There are no suitable words to describe heartbreak and destruction the people of the city suffered; gratitude costs so little and, in this case, has never been more deserved. David Bell Editor

wiredInUSA - September 2011


wiredInUSA - September 2011


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