Austin-Travis County EMS 2023 Annual Report

Homeland Security emergency management

FIRE LINES TO HAZMAT ZONES The Austin–Travis County EMS Homeland Security and Emergency Management division consists of four field Commanders, one administrative Commander, and one Division Chief. The division also oversees a Disaster Medical Response team with approximately 60 members. ATCEMS continues to support regional and state partners through various deployments and training. The department mainly deploys with the Texas Emergency Medical Task Force and Texas A&M Task Force One. Most of the deployments this year were centered on wildland fire support.

ATCEMS had four lengthy deployments to support state wildland fires, including six personnel. These deployments are normally two weeks or longer. Medics were deployed as Medical Unit Leaders and Wildland Paramedic Units to multiple areas around the state. These deployments better prepare ATCEMS personnel for large fires that may happen in Austin and Travis County. The Ambus continues to be an important deployment asset for the department. A new driver program was implemented this year allowing EMS personnel to gain additional

experience driving a large, mass casualty response vehicle. Also, this year, ATCEMS DMR team members, for the first time, were placed on standby for events outside of Texas with TX EMTF (Texas Emergency Medical Task Force). Once for wildland fire support in Louisiana and once for a hurricane response in Florida. ATCEMS will continue to support the deployment of personnel to disasters and gain valuable knowledge and experience while helping our neighbors.



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