Austin-Travis County EMS 2023 Annual Report

Special Operations tactical We bring medicine where it is needed the most, at your side.

Special Operations Tactical Total Deployments Hours on Deployments Training Exercises Team Training Hours Patients Treated Always on the ready

Tac Medics with SWAT

The Tactical team supports an increasing number of agencies beyond our primary Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) partners. This year the team made operations with six different law enforcement agencies. Our team is becoming widely known for its tactical operations and is routinely requested by federal and regional agencies. Beyond meeting our operational mission, the team’s responsibility includes initiating and preparing our training. We have created a whole new process to plan

and track our training hours based on national tactical competencies and guidelines from the National Tactical Officers Associations. Training plans are developed with intention and evidence-based guidance from lessons learned during our operations. The team still prides itself on its culture and accountability. We have ALWAYS had two Tactical Medics on our truck providing 24/7 coverage to all of our LEO partners.

FY2023 provided the opportunity to fill our ranks and improve our onboarding process remaining the rest of the year at 11 members. Our culture and internal standards keep us in good standing with our peers and chain of command. We work hard to hold ourselves accountable to physical fitness standards and medical capabilities concerning national guidelines through organizations like NTOA (National Tactical Officers Association) and SOMA (Special Operations Medical Association).

Day or night, the tactical team has you covered

Deployment Types Hostage Rescue Barricaded subjects


28 47

search/arrest warrants

Night Ops training


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