Austin-Travis County EMS 2023 Annual Report


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KEEPING OUR CREWS SAFE AND OUR FLEET RELIABLE ATCEMS Operations Support Division is comprised of multiple areas with one overarching goal: “To provide our Uniformed and Civilian staff the best equipment, vehicles, supplies, facilities, uniforms, and protective gear in a timely, fiscally responsible, and efficient manner so they can care for our patients and the public”. Operations Support consists of the following sections:

significantly delayed the delivery of dozens of new or remounted ambulances. The three uniformed and one civilian employee dedicated to the EMS Fleet section have worked tirelessly with the City of Austin Fleet Services team to keep our ever-aging fleet of over 90+ ambulances on the road. Additionally, a once-in-a-century, summer period of over thirty-five plus 100F days tested the EMS Fleet team’s resolve, which passed with flying colors. EMS Fleet always had a sufficient number of reserve ambulances available for operations during the excessive heat period. Facilities “Exciting” is the word that comes up when describing the last fiscal year for EMS Facilities. Facility staff (in conjunction with several City of Austin Departments and contractors) have seen the beginning of nine Field Station renovation projects; the opening of one new joint EMS/Fire station; the construction start on a second, new joint EMS/Fire station, and the design of a third new facility. Additionally, the Facilities section has planned and overseen the movement of Field ambulances to five temporary facilities as well as numerous other small projects. This monumental amount of work is handled by two civilian staff and one uniformed supervisor.

Fleet Facilities Logistics Honor Guard Unit

Fleet “Defying the odds” sums up the situation for the EMS Fleet section over the last fiscal year. While the first quarter saw the delivery of a few new Road Rescue Dodge ambulances, production and supply chain issues with all the major vehicle chassis manufacturers have

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