Austin-Travis County EMS 2023 Annual Report

Clinical performance

American Heart Association Mission Lifeline EMS Specific Measures: • Pre-arrival notification for suspected stroke: 84.96% • Documentation of last known well for patients with suspected stroke: 83.77% • Evaluation of blood glucose for patients with suspected stroke: 100% • Stroke screen performed and documented: 100% • 12-lead ECG performed within 10 minutes for suspected heart attack: 78.54% • Aspirin administration for STEMI-positive ECG: 84.44% • Pre-arrival notification within 10 minutes for STEMI positive ECG: 95.00% These are quality assurance reviews of high acuity low occurrence events based on clinical care that included the administration of certain medications or performing certain procedures. A mix of medications and procedures totaling 10 are a HALO. The 10 HALOs are determined by physician medical direction and are identified for quality assurance or clinical care through surveillance and manual audits of certain high acuity patient care reports. 2023 High Acuity Low Occurrence (HALO) Event Reviews: 659

Successful field delivery

operational framework of emergency medical services. With seven full time supervisor vehicles equipped with the necessary infrastructure and resources, the project's reach extends across the entire service area, catering to the diverse needs of our communities. This system wide implementation has not only streamlined the delivery of blood transfusions, but has also set a precedent for future endeavors in emergency medical response. In the fiscal year 2023 alone, 248 units of blood were transfused. Currently averaging an impressive 25 units per month, the program is on track to deliver 300 pre-hospital blood transfusions next year.

Whole Blood Program In 2022, the Whole Blood Pilot Program was launched as a City Counsil initiative with the goal to deploy whole blood on every district command unit. The Whole Blood Project stands as a beacon of innovation in the field of emergency medical services, marking a transformative shift in blood transfusion practices. Beginning as a pilot-proof of concept, this initiative has swiftly evolved into a system wide implementation, revolutionizing the landscape of emergency medical response. In July 2023, the Department met the goal and had successfully deployed whole blood on all District Command Units. Transitioning from a mere concept to full-scale deployment, the Whole Blood Project has seamlessly integrated into the

Dr. Escott at medical expo

Austin/Travis County EMS demonstrated again in 2023 why it is viewed as the most clinically progressive EMS service in the United States. The continued growth of our Integrated Services, Whole Blood, and Paramedic Practitioner programs is redefining the role of EMS and achieving the goal of providing efficient and effective world-class care for the Austin and Travis County community.


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