Lime Tree Journal - April 2017

Residents Committee

Chairperson :

Phillip Grace Fran Dumont

Secretary: Treasurer :

Fran Dumont Vice Chairperson : Jeff Willmott

Committee Members Joan Lake

Peter Macalpine Yvonne Sheelkah Lyn Grace Kathryn Brook

General Reminders

Don’t forget to remove the weeds growing on your site and in between your homes. Weeds can get out of hand quickly especially after the rain and the onset of warmer weather.

Ensure your gutters are free of weeds, leaves and any combustible material.

Why not get together wit other residents and organise a bulk gutter clean. Usually a bulk order will get you a competitive price.

Please remember to turn off all the lights and air conditioning when you leave the community centre or home for that matter.

April 2017 | Volume 10 | Issue 4

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