ACN January 2016 Newsletter

January 2016 Newsletter

for ACN, discovered that not including those hospitalizations, his monthly healthcare expenses were $580 (see graph illustration below). In November 2015, I started seeing him once a week. We reviewed his concerns and I supported his thoughts that he should eat regular food rather than subsist on beer. I also encourage him to see me rather than going to the emergency room for his questions. Not counting hospitalizations, his monthly health care expenses have dropped to $320, an annualized savings of $3,120. That is $3,120 more that our society has to spend on teachers, social services, and infrastructure. If you have similar experiences or ideas regarding health care savings, please let me know so we can share with others.


I would like to tell you

the story of my 77 y/o patient, who I shall refer to as Homer. He is a paranoid schizophrenic who mistrusts the opinions of MDs and social workers.

He also is a PhD physicist who has read enough to know that he may need antibiotics at times, and that it is not right that the feeling in both his hands is decreased (cervical stenosis with myelopathy – which he refuses to have operated). So he developed the practice of going to the emergency room whenever he had questions, at least twice a month. And that would occasionally lead to hospitalizations.

Liz Watte, Program Manager Data & Analytics

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