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C H A N G I N G Y O U R C L O T H E S • C H A N G I N G Y O U R C L O T H E S •

Busted! PETA Exposé Nets First-Ever Cruelty Convictions for Sheep Shearers C ompassionate people who learn howwool is produced steer clear of it: You’ll understand why if you watch PETA’s video showing sheep Although the wool industry’s “shock” at what its own workers do every day isn’t very believable, PETA’s explosive exposé has been a wake-up call to shoppers, as they learn that to sheep, being shorn is not “just like getting a haircut” – unless the barber is Sweeney Todd.

repeatedly twisted and bent a sheep’s neck until it broke. In Chile, workers stabbed sheep in the neck and hacked off live lambs’ tails. In Argentina, some lambs were still alive and kicking when workers began skinning them. See page 6 to find out how PETA is blowing the lid off the abusive wool industry.

being dragged into shearing sheds by their legs and then punched and kicked, beaten with a hammer, and slammed to the floor. As the workers race against the clock, they lose their tempers over small delays – such as dropping their shears – and take out their frustration on the terrified, struggling animals. PETA revealed this kind of abuse and other instances of horrifying treatment of sheep in an international exposé of shearing sheds in the US as well as Australia – the world’s largest exporter of wool – which led to charges against six shearers for at least 70 counts of cruelty to animals. But while the exposé made it clear that cruelty is rampant in the wool industry, these charges are nevertheless the first to be brought against wool- industry workers for abusing sheep anywhere in the world. Shearing Contractors’ Association of Australia Secretary Jason Letchford said, “We’re all shocked, upset and embarrassed as an industry. It’s been a wake-up call.” But were wool industry leaders truly oblivious? And will they do anything to make positive changes – or simply try to protect the many other shearers who commit similar crimes? All six shearers pleaded guilty.

PETA and its international affiliates have investigated dozens of sheep farms and shearing sheds on three continents, revealing brazen acts of repeated cruelty in every one of them. In Australia, violent attacks left petrified sheep bleeding from the eyes, nose, and mouth. In the US, a shearer

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