ACTS, RULES and REGULATIONS – Section Fourteen

Please refer to the Queens Printer Saskatchewan website: • B-7.1 - The Builders’ Lien Act

B-7.1 An Act respecting Liens in the Construction Industry  C-30.2 - The Consumer Protection and Business Practices Act C-30.2 An Act respecting Consumer Protection and Business Practices, to repeal certain Acts and to make consequential amendments to other Acts  E-7.22 - The Electronic Information and Documents Act, 2000 E-7.22 An Act respecting Electronic Information and Documents  H-3.01 - The Highways and Transportation Act, 1997 H-3.01 An Act respecting Highways, Public Improvements, Transportation and Transportation Systems and making consequential amendments to other Acts  L-5.1 - The Land Titles Act, 2000 L-5.1 An Act respecting the Registration of Title to and Interests in Land and making consequential amendments to other Acts  L-6 - The Landlord and Tenant Act L-6 An Act respecting the Law of Landlord and Tenant  M-28.1 - The Municipal Grants Act M-28.1 An Act respecting Grants to Municipalities, making consequential amendments to other Acts and repealing The Municipal Revenue Sharing Act  M-36.1 - The Municipalities Act M-36.1 An Act respecting Rural Municipalities, Towns, Villages and Resort Villages and making consequential amendments to other Acts  N-5.2 - The Northern Municipalities Act, 2010 N-5.2 An Act respecting Local Government in Northern Saskatchewan and making consequential amendments to other Acts  P-6.2 - The Personal Property Security Act, 1993 P-6.2 An Act respecting Security Interests in Personal Property and making Consequential and Related Amendments to Certain Other Acts  P-34.1 - The Provincial Sales Tax Act P-34.1 An Act for the Imposition and Collection of Taxes on Consumers and Users of Tangible Personal Property and Certain Services  R-1.3 - The Real Estate Act R-1.3 An Act respecting Trading in Real Estate, the Real Estate Commission and Brokerages, Brokers and Salespersons Trading in Real Estate  R-22.0001 - The Residential Tenancies Act, 2006 and Regulations R-22.0001 An Act respecting Residential Tenancies and making consequential amendments to other Acts  S-15.1 - The Saskatchewan Employment Act S-15.1 An Act respecting Employment Standards, Occupational Health and Safety, Labour Relations and Related Matters

and making consequential amendments to certain Acts  S-24 - The Saskatchewan Housing Corporation Act S-24 An Act respecting Saskatchewan Housing Corporation  S-24.1 - The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code S-24.1 An Act respecting the Saskatchewan Code of Human Rights and its Administration

 U-11 - The Urban Municipality Act, 1984 U-11 An Act respecting Urban Municipalities  W -17.11 - The Workers’ Compensation Act, 2013 W-17.11 An Act respecting Compensation for Injured Workers and making consequential amendments to certain Acts  National Legislation • Building Standard and Licensing  CSA-A277-16 Procedure for Certification of Prefabricated Buildings, Modules and Panels

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