What is a Fraction?

We use fractions in everyday situations, for

example, we talk about half an hour ( 2 1 ), three quarters of a mile ( 4 goods with a discount of one third ( 3 1 ).

3 ) or shops selling

You will be familiar with these everyday examples

of fractions. Each of these fractions consists of

part of a whole, for example, part of an hour,

part of a mile and part of the price. So, a

fraction is the whole divided into a number of

equal parts.

All fractions have a top and bottom number.

The top number is known as the NUMERATOR and

the bottom number is known as the DENOMINATOR.

The denominator tells us how many equal parts the

whole is divided into. The numerator tells us how

1 hr means

many parts we have. Half an hour or 2

that we divide the hour into 2 equal parts and we

have 1 part.


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