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Equipment - Nitrous Oxide

The New Look of Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Sedation

• Low-profile design • Fits snugly around nose without tape • Translucent • Not made with natural rubber latex • Available in Birthday Bubblegum scent, Fresh Mint scent, and unscented

Also available: Axess ® Capnography Adapter; attaches between the Axess ® Nasal Mask and the Axess ® Scavenging Circuit

Axess to Hard-to-Reach Areas The mask’s low-profile design provides unencumbered mouth access while its small, lightweight scavenging system is easy to work around. Axess to Greater Patient Comfort Available in three sizes and scents, Axess masks fit snugly without tape or uncomfortable tubes protruding into the patient’s nostril to maximize patient comfort. Axess to Excellent Care — at a Lower Cost Each Axess mask comes individually wrapped for greater infection control, and comes at a cost that’s lower than that of other competing single-use disposable nitrous oxide/oxygen masks.

“It really does smell like bubblegum!”

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