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Issue 1791, May 2019 www.PowersWhiskey.com


A PERFECT PAIRING WHISKEY & COFFEE further than one of the world’s favourite cocktails. Both are rich, complex drinks with colourful histories. Both have huge followings. Both require time, skill and craft to create and serve perfectly.

For these reasons Powers and coee is a perfect collaboration. One noticable similarity between whiskey and coee is the type of person who drinks them. For the most part people are now willing to pay a little more, for a better experience. Whether it’s for a freshly roasted, perfectly served coee or paying a few pounds more for beautiful, single pot still Irish whiskey. There is also a thirst for knowledge. People want to know everything about what they’re drinking. Where is my coee from? Who roasted it? Steamed milk or foam? The same can be said for whiskey. Where is it from? What type of casks was it matured in? How old is it? For this reason, we will be running a series of educational events throughout May. My ideal outcome is for people to leave with a better understanding and an appreciation of Irish whiskey (and coee).

“Powers is regarded as the pinnacle of Irish whiskey and has maintained this reputation for over 200 years. We wanted to find an Irish Coffee Chain to partnerwith, who reflected the same values.

Whiskey & co ee two of the finest things in life brought together.

There is a close connection between whiskey and coee which goes even


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