VWC Style Guide


Rev. 7/20

W Web Use this short form and lowercase. Related words and how to write them include: web browser, webcast, webmaster, webpage, website

WebFile Not Webfile, not Web File.

Worker’s vs. workers vs. workers’ When the word’s plural form ends in s, the apostrophe to connote possessive form appears after the s. For example: Worker's is singular but the plural of worker would be workers and thus the possessive form would be workers'. Workers’ Compensation Capitalization: Unless the official name is used in full, or if it's used in a title of a publication, “workers' compensation” should not be capitalized.

Workforce One word, no hyphen. Workplace One word, no hyphen.

Work-related injury / occupational disease Not work-related accident.

When referencing a work-related injury, you may also include the term occupational disease Do not use ‘work-related’ with the term occupational disease, as it is already implied. www AP Style Guide says do not put http:// or www. before a website address/urls Correct usage: workcomp.virginia.gov


Y Year-end Should be hyphenated as a noun or adjective; meaning end of fiscal year.


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