The PHA Buzz - May 2015

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Newsflashwith Flashgap

New app Flashgap has chosen to sign with PHA to launch and promote the company in the UK. The company were introduced to the PHA tech department after noticing the excellent work being carried out with fellow French-based app, Happn. The app is based on the Hangover film where friends who are out together are added to a group and photos are taken throughout the night, which are instantly deleted. The group then receives all of the photos at 12 noon the next day to... enjoy!

The photos are only visible to group members but can later be shared via other social media platforms should users choose to download the images to their phone library. It is a far cry from the filtering nature of other photo sharing platforms, encouraging groups of friends to relive their experiences more naturally. The app has launched in France and already has over 115,000 users worldwide and PHA

will be working with the team to create as much exposure regarding their UK launch and beyond. Definitely one for the PHA summer party! Nick Braund, who heads up the Technology & Innovation team at PHA said: “We are delighted to be working with Flashgap and are excited about the journey ahead. It is a fantastic, fun idea that has already got the company talking about yesterday!”

Editors’ letter

In 2015, Wearable Tech is set to create a bigger stir than ever before. From the recent Wearable Tech show at the ExCel Centre - which attracted record visitor numbers - to smartwatches which adorn the wrists of many, technology that can help improve people’s everyday lives is really capturing the public’s attention. To celebrate, PHA’s Tech & Creative Strategy Teams created a series of

infographics detailing the various ways different pieces of wearable technology are having a positive impact for members of society. The power of social media was clear when the post received over 700 shares within 24 hours, as well as being picked up by national news outlets. Remaining in the Digital sphere, the PHA team launched the King of Soho Gin

website. The iconic bottle, its design, as well as the gin’s unique flavour make it an instantly recognisable brand, and the website showcases this. Elsewhere, PHA is again working with the Circuit Leaders of England &Wales, six of the county’s leading barristers, to fight the proposed cuts to the already stretched legal system and to ensure that justice remains accessible for all.

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