Head's Newsletter 21 October 2016


The geography department spent last week on our annual A-Level fieldtrip to Dartmoor and the Isle of Purbeck. Despite 12 hour working days accruing geographical knowledge it seems the students survived with humour intact as can be seen by Sam Penny’s review of the trip below. Well done to all staff and students concerned.

the faster than light professional walker that is your geography teacher! It is fair to say there is some difference between the accommodation we had. Even though there was heating and a football pitch at Swanage, the food and showers at Dartmoor made the stay even more pleasant. Swanage did have its perks:

being allowed out to buy food on multiple occasions was a luxury, we enjoyed the hunt to find something more edible then the food being served to us at the field centre. One or two of us did struggle to find anything other than fish and chips for lunch (and sometimes dinner) on every single day

“As Geographers, we are told to be observant, vigilant and always be prepared for the unexpected. This meant reading every sign that Mr Horwood or Mr Brittain told us about after everyone had walked past it without a single notion of its existence. It was difficult however to concentrate on the surroundings when you practically had to sprint to keep up with

for six days, but there was plenty to choose from if you knew your way around. The nights were filled with mind-boggling lectures and football matches. Overhearing other students holding very odd discussions through paper-thin Youth Hostel walls will be something I ought to,

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