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very first poem, “Head to the Sky,” sets the tone that these brave men must look on with optimism and overcome any obstacles to achieve their dreams: “Your vision of planes cannot be / blocked by clouds of doubt. / The engine of your ambition will not brake / for walls of injustice—no matter how high” (p. 1). Not only do these lines address the Tuskegee Airmen’s goal of becoming pilots, but they can also serve as a lesson and reminder to all to strive for their dreams, no matter what difficulties they may face.

to go by the name Esquivel. Esquivel’s unique “out-of-this-world sounds”made him a hit and popularized the use of the stereo system. The text bursts across the pages, creating a colorful and exciting experience that captivates the reader. Emphasis is also placed on onomatopoeia throughout the story to emphasize the unique sounds of Esquivel. Duncan Tonatiuh incorporates his award-winning style inspired by ancient Mexican art, which appropriately fits the background of this musician. Esquivel! Space- Age Sound Artist is sure to draw readers in from start to finish.  Jonda C. McNair , a former elementary school teacher of students in grades K-2, is a professor of literacy education at Clemson University.

Emmanuel’s Dream: The True Story of Emmanuel Ofusu Yeboah Thompson, Laurie Ann. (2015). Illus. by Sean Qualls. Unpaged. Schwartz &Wade. 978-0- 449-8175-2. $10.99 (Primary/Intermediate). —by Schyler Poynter “One person can change the world.” In this book, readers will witness the heart-wrenching

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journey of Emmanuel, who is abandoned by his father because the boy only has one leg. When Emmanuel’s mother falls ill, he gets a job to help support his family, even though many of the people he had asked for a job had “told him to go out and beg like other disabled people did.”One man took a chance on Emmanuel and did not regret it! He was a hard worker who earned his money. One day, he went to buy supplies to shine shoes, and the shopkeeper yelled at him because he thought Emmanuel was there to beg. This was a turning point for Emmanuel because he never wanted to feel this way again. For many, this book could be a source of comfort, reassuring them that whatever they may be going through will work out in the end if they believe in themselves. Qualls’s watercolor and collage illustrations complement the text by depicting the setting, determination, and triumphs of Emmanuel Ofusu Yeboah.

Esquivel! Space-Age Sound Artist Wood, Susan. (2016). Illus. by Duncan Tonatiuh. Unpaged. Charlesbridge. 978-1-58089-673-3. $17.95 (Primary/ Intermediate). —by Sydney Fossing “People loved Juan’s colorful music. It took them to other worlds,

other planets. It sounded like a crazy rocket ride zigzagging through outer space!” In Esquivel! Space-Age Sound Artist , Susan Wood shares the story of Juan García Esquivel, a self-taught musician who followed his passion and became a forerunner in the use of stereophonic sound. Growing up, Juan had always been curious about music, so much so that he taught himself to play the piano at just 6 years old. As he got older, he went on to work at a popular comedy show, where he developed an unconventional music style that attracted the attention of a music producer from the United States. Juan decided to move from his home in Mexico in order to share his music with the world. In the United States, he perfected his style by using an array of instruments and a new stereophonics system, and he decided

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