Earny Winter 2018

A Junior Banker publication. Anyone age 12 and under can become a Junior Banker member simply by opening a savings account at any American Trust location. The Junior Banker Club encourages saving and wise money management through fun, educational activities. Winter 2018 Becoming a Financial Guru! M oneyIsland™ is an exciting online world geared to tweens ages 8 to 14. They go on adventurous quests to exotic destinations – becoming financial gurus along the way! You win by winding through Treasure Caverns to rescue Stone Broke. You win in real life, too, by earning rewards. Most importantly, you learn lessons that will last a lifetime...and that’s the biggest reward of all. Real-life rewards are built into MoneyIsland, and may include:

• Cool MoneyIsland T-shirt • Junior Bankers also receive $5 • Plus, schools and organizations receive a pizza party

MoneyIsland is free. Access MoneyIsland at americantrust.moneyisland.com, click on the “Join” tab to recieve your access code. Parents and teachers have access to additional tools and activities to further engage children. Plus, our site continues the quest with more games, videos, competitions, and more. Learn more about money this winter using the iPad version of MoneyIsland now available in the App Store. It’s easy to take MoneyIsland with you where ever you go so you can continue your journey to become a financial guru!

• Download the free MoneyIsland app from the App Store. • Open the MoneyIsland app on your iPad.

• If new to MoneyIsland click on “Join as Kid” and enter your access code. Then you will select an islander name, create a password, and select a financial guru to accompany you in your quest to save Stone Broke. • If you have already begun playing MoneyIsland just click on “Play” and enter your islander name and password to continue your quest.

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