Allagash the Last Frontier By Darlene Dumond

In 1976, the Allagash town officials approached the Kelly family and asked if they could accommodate the food for the number of folks, they anticipated coming to town for the bicentennial celebra tion. Leitha and Tylor Kelly accepted the challenge and the now iconic family-owned restaurant Two Rivers Lunch, that welcomes thousands of

Before the later part of the nineteen seventies

snowmobiling in Allagash was done primarily out of neces sity and then only by local folks that could afford a sled. In and around nineteen seventy-four a few of the men and women in Allagash, got together and decided to try to carve out trails that would connect to what was becoming a growing winter sport in the more western parts of Aroostook County. Thus the birth of what is today widely known as one of the best places in Maine to snowmobile. A used groomer was in Pennsylvania and on one of the long hauls transporting Maine potatoes out of Aroostook County, the driver returned to Allagash with the first Tucker. No more snowmobiles pulling handmade drags with compasses, maps and snowshoes to make trails, the newly formed Moose town Riders Snowmobile Club was born. Allagash being on the edge of America and her sister country Canada, has always been known for its abundance of snow. They receive the white gold earlier than most regions and it stays on the ground weeks later for some of the very best spring sledding in the state.

snowmobilers yearly, opened its doors for the very first time. Year after year Two River’s doors were swung open by more and more snowgoers arriving at the last frontier hoping to find a good meal and a potbelly woodstove to dry their gear before heading back on the trails. Not only did they find what they were looking for, but they were greeted with a spirit of kindness that would inevitably keep them coming back. Tylor and Leitha con tinued to expand their little take-out hot dog stand, building it into what it is today, a full-scale restaurant and Bunkhouse, which has grown into a lodge that sleeps eight comfortably. Repeat customers, word of mouth, topped with their traditional home cooking, daily specials all made from scratch and Leitha’s rec ipes have them lined up at times waiting for a seat and coming back. Two Rivers serves breakfast all day long with menu items such as “The Moosetowner”, loaded omelets, eggs benedict, crepes and their signature buttermilk pancakes that are the size of a dinner plate. Their award-winning burgers are made from fresh ground beef, purchased from a local grocer and are rated one of the best in the state by Down East Magazine. Hand cut French Fries sliced from potatoes purchased at a local farmer’s roadside stand, sizzle in the fryers, drawing them in. Snowmobil ers pile through the doors hoping to have arrived in time for their



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