Allagash the Last Frontier (Cont.) famous Chicken Stew or Fish Chowder which is always a good way to warm up.

toast and even better French toast. If you’re in the mood for pan cakes you only need one, it’s bigger than the plate and that’s just breakfast.” “It doesn’t get any more homemade than Two Rivers Lunch! Homemade bread and stews to tempt you! They treat you like family there, and make you feel like they’ve known you for years!

Recently, Down East Magazine also ran an article about Leitha’s famous Lemon Filled Cookies. It reads like this, “At Two Rivers Lunch, in Allagash, Leitha Kelly has folded tender sugar cook ies around dollops of lemon curd ever since opening the diner, in 1976. Before that, her mother made the same cookies. And before that, she says, her mother’s mother probably made them, and so on. Kelly’s daughter, Darlene Kelly Dumond, runs Two Riv ers now, but Kelly, at 80, still bakes the lemon cookies, which have devotees ranging from the hunters who come in every fall to stock up before trips into the woods to the woman who moved away to California and had a batch shipped cross-country so she could share them with her coworkers. “You realize how import ant those simple recipes that were carried down from genera tion to generation are,” says Dumond, who learned to cook the diner’s repertoire by watching her mother add a “tad” of this or a “ladleful” of that. “They’re soothing and comforting and so good.” Homemade desserts continue to be served using recipes handed down from one generation of Allagash ladies to another and Mrs. Kelly who is now approaching 85 proudly bakes their customers favorite array of pies using her mother’s delicate crust recipe. Many customers sign the guest books that have adorned the front counter for years leaving reviews such as, “The best omelet we’ve ever had. We had the loaded omelet three mornings in a row, it is big enough to share. The grilled cheese was perfectly grilled, and the tomato rice soup was the perfect accompani ment to dip the sandwich in. Homemade bread makes for great

“This is the place to go if you like to know the his

tory, present time or foretold future of the town of Allagash! Pay close attention to those locals that sit at the front booth, they have the best stories! The food is delicious! The ambiance is exactly what you’d expect, and if you’re lucky, you’ll find a sweet treat homemade by one of the beautiful founders of this great establishment; Leitha! Totally worth the trip “up North.” “They were so incredibly nice; they saw that my friends and I were in a tough spot while snowmobiling in the region, and they did everything in their power to try to help us. Can not say enough good things about them!!!” Everyone that finds their way upriver to the little place feels right at home. Folks here remember your names; they sit at the “locals” table in the front each morning awaiting the sound of the first sled arriving through the morning powder for with you comes the report of the goings on in the world outside of their forest retreat. Friends are made, tales are told while you unplug and unwind. Mr. Kelly recently reminisced quoting a remark that was made about the

early days when the sledders first started to arrive, “Holy boy, here they come, just a sevener (a local term used for moving fast) ain’t they.” Everyone would step out side to see them. The little restaurant recently



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