Allagash the Last Frontier (Cont.)

added Wi-Fi, a credit card machine and cellular service now reaches Two Rivers Lunch thanks to the help of their friends in Augusta. Two Rivers Lunch is open for breakfast and lunch from 7am to 3pm Wednesday through Sunday, but if snowmobilers arrive at our doorstep after hours, they will find a note directing them to the Kelly family homestead, the Moosetown Riders, and a list of emergency numbers. They leave a door always unlocked so a weary snowmobiler can enter, use the phone in an emergency, grab a drink or even lay their heads down on one of the comfy beds in the attached bunkhouse until a rescue arrives. The motto out here on the last frontier is “You get here, we’ll get you out.” Two Rivers Lunch and Tylor Kelly’s Camps ( 207-398-4478) are open year-round with their newly renovated riverfront cabins overlooking the St. John River equipped with full kitchens, bath rooms, Wi-Fi, televisions, propane heat and large parking areas for sled trailers. They are both located directly on ITS 92 and always prepared night or day to help with emergency gas, lodg ing and transportation out. over for a five-hour respite to strategize before departing on to the last leg and finish line in Fort Kent. It is an exciting weekend to be here to enjoy an up close and personal experience with the dogs and the mushers. The Annual Long Lake Ice Fishing Derby is usually held the last full weekend of January and again another fun weekend on Glazier and Beau lakes that are part of the trail system. The family patriarch Tylor Kelly has been collecting Allagash logging artifacts, memorabilia and antiques most of his life. His dream was to build a museum here in Allagash to showcase his collections. Over the past several years, with the help of family and friends, that dream has come true. Papa and Mama Kelly’s Museum officially opened the doors so you can now visit it as well. The museum sits next door to Two Rivers Lunch. As we mentioned earlier the Escourt Trail through to the Cana dian border is once again open thanks to the Moosetown Riders Snowmobile Club making last season the most crossed interna tional border by snowmobiles in the region. Now you can travel ITS 92 to Allagash, have breakfast or lunch at Two Rivers Lunch, sled to the border entering Canada for food or fuel when it is open and return to stay in one of our many lodging spots that are now open in Allagash year-round. Two Rivers Lunch located at 75 Dickey Rd, Allagash, Maine is the last place to grab a square meal and a round cookie before This restaurant is also home to the Can-Am Interna tional Dog Sled Race, which is a 250-mile race with dog teams arriving in Allagash at Two Rivers Checkpoint #4 the first weekend of March each year. The team’s lay

entering the northernmost stretch of the North Maine Woods. The coffee is always on and the friendly smiles you encounter are FREE! To reach the Kelly’s for trail conditions, restaurant ques tions or reservation call Darlene at 207-231-1328 or 207-398-3393 Peace, love and you’ll be Braaaping in the Gash

Tips from the Moosetown Riders Club. Most avid sledders know where they want to go and what they need to get there. However, some of us still enjoy some help ful tips, especially when we are setting out to The Last Frontier! The most useful tip -- add this destination to the top of your list, making sure that you plan your trip to include breakfast or lunch –or both-- at Two Rivers Lunch! You can fuel up at Joe’s Coun try Store or Chamberlain’s Market if coming to us via St. Francis from the directions of Fort Kent, St. Agatha, Frenchville, Mad awaska. If coming to us from the south – Portage and beyond -- fuel is available beyond the 120 intersection at Eagle Lake or about eight miles beyond the other end of the 120 intersection at Chamberlain’s Market in St. Francis. Most sleds today have a way to bring along an extra few gallons which we recommend so that you can enjoy all that our trails have to offer. When enter ing into the Town of Allagash, you will see that the area is a win ter deeryard. You’ll enjoy watching the deer run on and across the trail in and from every direction – a beautiful sight to see! No doubt after you have planned to come this far, you will not want to miss out on the opportunity to see moose or Canada lynx as you ride. The remote 47 miles beyond Two Rivers Lunch, to the farthest place on the northeast corner of the US where our ITS 92 will bring you to Estcourt Station, the US Customs and Border Protection Port of Entry. This Port of Entry is open Monday – Friday 8 – 4 (closed every weekend and major holidays). Once you arrive, our groomed trail will bring you directly to the Can ada Port of Entry where you will enter the Province of Quebec.

You can enter Canada and fuel up and even grab a meal at some cool places



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