The Maine Snowmobile Association Our Mission By Alan Swett, MSA President T he Maine Snowmobile Association has a mission to protect and serve its members. We are a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to make snowmobiling in Maine safe, successful, and a worldwide destination. The MSA is the state voice for Maine Snowmobiling. Six people started the MSA in 1968. 54 years later this non-profit continues to grow. We offer clubs the sense of security while working with the state legislators and other state departments to benefit the best interest of the clubs. We offer safety training and signage, and work closely with the State of Maine for groomer operator certification. The MSA is involved directly with the clubs to participate in signage and trail guidance so that we have consistency throughout the state. Landowners are thankful that we protect and take pride in the trails with dedicated maintenance, safety check, looking out for litter, and deterring off trail riding and loud sleds. We are directly involved in maintaining and preserving the trails. We have a full-time office person to assist with day-to-day issues, funnel information to where it needs to go, and field calls from the general public to give them information and guidance. We have members on state advisory trail committees from Kittery to Fort Kent. They meet throughout the year to discuss trail and landowner situations. Our largest fundraiser is the Super Raffle. The MSA prints the raffle tickets, posters, banners, does the advertising for the event, and secures the prizes (thru purchases and donations). While the MSA picks up the cost of the event, any club that chooses to sell the raffle tickets keep half of the money raised. These funds can then be used however the club chooses. Only the amount due to MSA needs to be sent in, the rest is immediately available for club use. These raffle tickets have been proven to be an easy sell! If you like a little friendly competition, another fundraiser that we do is an annual Golf Scramble. Along with the open teams, snowmobile clubs can compete for the coveted Club Cup. We also have a Photo of the Year award (which is included as part of our annual banquet). These photos are collected and we choose the best of the best to become part of our popular wall calendar. The photo of the year also becomes part of the ITS Trails Map, and Super Raffle Posters/Banners. Wouldn’t it be fun to have bragging rights? Every year our annual banquet honors volunteers and clubs with plaques and trophies. Anyone can attend and it is a great way to meet some like-minded people and share stories of successes and possibly failures, make friends, and have some fun! Some of the categories of awards are: • Snowmobiler of the year • Club of the year • Photo of the year • Groomer of the year • Youth Snowmobiler of the Year • Supporting Business of the Year • Hall of Fame inductee



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