All the above awards are chosen from nominees that the clubs and club members submit. In March of each year committees get together to review the nominations to see who BEST represents that award. We are so grateful that we have such dedicated and resourceful volunteers within the clubs. It is an honor to be able to share their stories with everyone. Maine Snowmobile Association members have access to the seasonal Maine Snowmobiler paper. This paper communicates stories from other clubs, gives information on what may be happening, gives you updates from the Regional Directors, includes a calendar of events and trainings, and lists the supporting businesses. We also have a Facebook presence that can be used by your club to highlight an upcoming event. Let us know what is happening. We can post it and get a large audience for you. Don’t have an event but have a remarkable story? Let us know that too! We are happy to share. We create the Snowmobile Maine Guide and the ITS Trail map. All of these are distributed throughout the state. Maine Tourism Association helps us to distribute these items therefore promoting our sport and supporting tourism in your areas. We have contracted with Polaris Ride Command and Bombardier Recreational Products Inc for a more rider friendly experience. More and more, riders are looking for GPS programs that help them navigate thru the trails. We also have the Maine Snowmobile Show in October. The event is attended by thousands of people from all over, not just Maine. Take the opportunity for your club to rent a spot and promote your area, tell them why your area has the best snowmobiling has to offer! Meet new busi nesses and suppliers. Create new connections. Let’s not forget our Scholarship! Every year our scholarship committee gets together to honor our youth by making it just a little easier to further their education. Some of these applicants have amazing stories and our future seems so bright when we are going through these applications. Promote the scholarship program withing your club. I am sure the parents of the students would appreciate a little help. Remember that there is a two year minimum membership to the MSA requirement to qualify. Our membership is over 280 clubs strong which covers over 14,000 miles of trails. While we do collect dues of $15.00 per member, much of that goes back to you by way of promoting tourism, the sport of snowmobiling, and keeping the trails safe and up to date, keeping you informed, and working with the state agencies and legislators. Please let us know how we can help you. We are volunteers too, many of us in clubs that may face the same challenges and concerns. With all of us working together, we truly can make and keep Maine THE SNOWMOBILE DESTINATION OF CHOICE.



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