bile club to assist with trail maintenance expenses. Resident renewals and non-resident registrations can be purchased online on the Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife website, www.maine.gov/ifw/ . Registrations can also be purchased through registration agents. A list of agents is posted on the IF&W site. Most are located in Maine; there are a few in New Hampshire and Vermont. If you need more information about the registration process, contact the IF&W Licensing and Registration Division, 41 State House Station, Augusta ME 04333; 207-287-8000. Snowmobile Law Before heading out on the trail system you should go over the snowmobile law handbook. It’s posted on the website of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife, at maine.gov/ifw/ . Print a copy to have on hand. Here’s a little basic info to get you started: A driver’s license is not required to operate a snowmobile. Liability insurance is not required by law; the MSA en courages riders to have coverage. MSA and snowmobile club membership is not mandatory; such support is welcome and appreciated.

Snowmobile Registration Maine’s trail system is partially funded through a sled registration system. All riders, resident and non-resident, need to register their sleds in Maine to ride on the trails. Residents of Maine register at an annual fee of $56 per season. Non-resident registration is $120 for a full season, $100 for 10 consecutive days or $75 for 3 consecutive days. (Plus a small agent fee). There is no trail pass or club membership requirement. The MSA strongly encourages all who ride in Maine to support an MSA club through their membership. A portion of the registration fee is used by the Snowmobile Program of the Maine Dept. of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry to administer and fulfill grants that reimburse snowmobile clubs for some of their trail maintenance ex penses. A portion is credited to a fund to assist in the pur chase of grooming equipment. A portion is used for law enforcement and safety education expenses of the Maine Warden Service. In the case of Maine residents, a percentage of their regis tration fee also goes to their municipality. In many cases the municipalities return those funds to the local snowmo

For Emergency Assistance: To reach a Maine Game Warden 24 hours/day contact the dispatch center nearest you:

j Safety Courses Snowmobile Safety courses are offered by the Recreational Safety Office of the Maine

HOULTON.................1-800-924-2261 BANGOR...................1-800-432-7381 AUGUSTA.................1-800-452-4664 GRAY.........................1-800-228-0857

Dept. of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife: 207-287-5220. A list of their upcoming courses is maintained by IF&W at www.maine.gov/ifw .

j Reporting an Accident If you are involved in, witness to, or made aware of a snowmobile accident resulting in injury to another person, you must make yourself known, render aid to the best of your ability and report the accident by the quickest means possible. All accidents re sulting in a death or injuries requiring a physician must be reported to law enforcement by the quickest means possible. Proper ty damage accidents ($1,000 or more) must be reported within 72 hours using a form provided by IF&W, at www.maine.gov/ifw/ .



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